Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sigma Performance Eyes Kit Update!

Is there any better feeling then coming home to an awaiting parcel? Even if you know, very well, what's inside from the box alone - you still get curious and excited when you start to open it? Although the waiting is the worst part of Internet shopping (along with the chance of being scammed or your package getting lost - has never happened to me, THANK GOD!), opening the package is the most exciting!

I just thought I would update everyone on my Sigma Black Friday Parcel arriving earlier this Monday (17/12/2012). :)
My Second Sigma Order.
The free gift is the same as it was before (travel sized eyeliner brush - I have soo many eyeliner brushes now). The kit came in a cardboard box with a instructional pamphlet outlining ways to use each brush (of course this can be varied according to personal preferences), and a little card saying thank you for purchasing Sigma!
I bought this kit for $61.00 USD with free shipping (promotion during Black Friday) from the Official Sigma Website: CLICK HERE to visit the page (I am not a sigma affiliate)! :)

Packaging is similar to all Sigma brush sets.
Back - with official sticker of Authenticity.
Sigma Performance Eye Kit Brushes - all in protective sleeves.

Originally I had no intention of buying these brushes. They interested me but the fact that they weren't made of synthetic Sigmax bristles meant they didn't make it to my "need to buy" list (which is already quite extensive, I need to cut down... Starting next year). ;)

But when Sigma had the free shipping deal on their Black Friday "sale", I couldn't resist and bought these. :)

I will be using them daily for the next month or more before writing a review. I wash my brushes after every use, so these brushes will be very tested like the rest of my collection.

First impressions: after one use and wash

> Bristles on all the brushes are splayed, fixed after the first wash with the use of brush guards. Also many of the brushes are not as defined and well-shaped as they are on the website or advertisements (yes, they've photoshopped the BRUSHES, I can't believe people do that...)
> One particular brush is very coarse (I have sensitive eyes so my standards for soft eye brushes are very high). I will post more about this brush on my review in the future because I want to see if maybe I'm using it wrong or the bristles soften up.
> You can see the glue which binds the bristles on two brushes below the ferrule - quite worrying but we'll see how this holds.

 Now adding this set to my current collection:

My First Ever Sigma Order!

I think I'm done with Sigma for the time being. :)

This is strange but does anyone else love the smell of new brushes? When you open new brushes from any brand at all, they all have that new-brush smell which I've realised I love. :) Or is it just me? ;)

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Stay Beautiful! xx

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