Sunday, 27 January 2013

NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder - Confessions of a Tanaholic - Review and Swatches

Hi all my lovely readers, 

I've just come back so the little hiatus from blogging is over now for me and it's back to business as per usual! :) 

Today I will be blogging about an affordable bronzing powder from NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder Range. I bought the Confessions of a Tanaholic which is one of the best-selling bronzers from the range. I bought this bronzer from Cherry Culture for $7.50 USD (25% off) which is still going on now, CLICK HERE to visit the page. Shipping was less then $15 AUD for a very large order and took around 3-4 weeks to arrive to Australia (sales always take time to sort, package and deliver)!

Bronzer is a basic and staple part of most of my make up looks today. I think bronzer works well with every skin tone, even if you're already tanned, as it slims and defines and contours your face. I love the look of a good contour of people, I love how contour can be fierce and defined as well as natural with emphasis on the natural shadows of your face. It can be changed to suit each and every face and person and is just a great product for every make up user to own.

I love the packaging for this bronzer. 
The following pictures do not have any filter for a more accurate representation of the product!
Confessions of a Tanaholic features a wheel which contains three differing shades of bronzer and a middle section which is a highlighter/shimmer powder. The idea is to swirl your brush around whichever colours you prefer (focusing on the ones which you want the most, e.g. focusing on the outer wheel and avoiding the shimmer center for a matte bronzer), to get a custom colour suited for you.

Unfortunately this does not always work out that way. This compact is very small and requires a small brush and no matter what brush I use (even with my best kabuki brushes), the pigmentation of this bronzer is very light. It is very difficult to get a good amount of colour onto your skin with this product as the pigmentation is very low (it's not like it is in the pan!). Whilst this trait was reassuring to me when I first started using bronzer (as it is literally impossible to overdo your bronzer with this), it's incredibly annoying and troublesome to work with now that I've developed my skills with applying and using bronzers. :(

Underneath the powder is a compartment for the brush.
I do not use the brush which is included with the bronzer, it's too soft and flexible and nowhere near dense enough to pick up the required product for pigmentation to show up on the skin!

Ignore the 15, I wrote that there to remind me to throw it out by 2015!
I have yet to try to apply this bronzer wet, as wet applications allow pigment and product to be collected better and applied onto the skin.

Swatch of the powder (all the colours mixed together) on my light to medium skin tone.
I had to swirl my fingers in the pan about 3-4 times to get this level of swatch pigmentation, that much product for this little pigmentation means that there is a high risk of chalkiness or cake face! So just be careful if you're using this product for the pigmentation. There are much better bronzers on the market but to be fair, the better bronzers are easily 5-10 times the price of this bronzer.

In conclusion, whilst the pigmentation of this bronzer is lacking, the price and packaging are nothing to complain about. It is a good way to introduce and begin with experimenting with bronzers and it would suit very light skin tones well. I personally will not buy this bronzer again, but I am glad that I had it to lean on when I was first beginning with the product.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Australis Super Deal at Kmart (Sydney, Australia)!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share this super special deal which I found whilst browsing Kmart a while ago (pre-Christmas). It's called the Base to Ace pack from Australis and is advertised as a Christmas Special pack (but it's still being sold post-Christmas)!

The three full-sized products and the make up bag! :)

I've been told that it's still going on at the moment which is brilliant. It features three full-sized Australis products (their bestsellers) which is valued at $41.85 AUD if bought separately, for only $19.75 AUD! This is an insane saving and whilst I am not a fan of the finishing spray now, I did use it for 6 months before I discovered Skindinavia/Urban Decay - so it's a decent spray for beginners or people on a budget!

I do recommend the translucent finishing powder though. I had completely used up one container and had bought another one a few days before I saw this pack! If only! Hahaha! :)

As a self-confessed primer hoarder, it's always good to have another one to add to my collection. :)

The glittery bag is huge. Along with the three full-sized products there is a heck of a lot of paper stuffed into there to keep it's shape. The glitter does not flake off and the bag is very well made.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this pack to everyone (make up beginners to full-timers) as there is something that you would be able to use in this pack. For the price, it's impossible to go wrong!

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this blog entry, I hope this has helped out someone with their choices on the market. Please subscribe/comment/favourite/bookmark if you have the time, all feedback is much appreciated.

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