Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Naturgo Miracle Face Mask - My Favourite Peel Off Mask

Hi everyone! 

Since my last review was insanely long, I decided to do a super short review telling you all about my absolute favourite peel off face mask which I have been using for many years. I was first introduced to this mask by my Aunty when I was still in high school.

A bit about my skin:
> Oily combination skin with dry patches. Yeah. You think you've got it bad.
> Acne prone, I had terrible cystic hormonal acne starting at the age of 14! It only got worse and worse (hitting its' peak at around 16-17 years of age), I needed to see a dermatologist. It needed to be medicated and even today, after finishing university, I'm prone to a couple of breakouts (usually around a certain time of a month - if you know what I mean) hahaha ;)
> Thank god my pores are not that bad, I actually have to thank this mask specifically for that. :)
> Sensitive skin (I'm allergic to some chemicals in cosmetics)!

About this mask (why I think it's so incredible and absolutely everyone who has tried it is obsessed with it):
> It's a peel-off mask, very simple to use. All you do is apply the cream formula with your fingers to your face, wait 30-45 minutes for the mask to dry completely and peel off! Warning: peeling off the mask is painful the first time you do it, I've gotten used to it by now and the results are very much worth it. ;)
> After you peel it off:
  • When you touch your skin, it feels smooth
  • Removes all blackheads/whiteheads, this formula actually gets into all your pores and rips off any gunk that's in it. You can actually see it on the black mask once you remove it, even if you take care of your skin and deep clean often, this mask will take off what you miss!
  • Waxes off tiny peach fuzz hair on your cheek and face. Just a heads up, maybe put some Vaseline or moisturiser on your eyebrows before applying this mask, because it will rip that off too if it comes in contact and dries. :)
> Suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin!
> I suggest only using this mask once every 1-2 months! Do not over-do this mask or you will get dry patches of red skin (if this mask doesn't have any gunked up pores to clean out, it will clean the top layer of your skin off)!
> Gradually reduces the size of your pores over time! :)
Super affordable, you can buy this online through eBay or just at any Asian store (like I do)! It's about $2.50 a mask sachet.

It comes in an orange sachet! 
The back.
Once you peel it off, you can literally see the stuff it rips out of your pores. This helps your pores and skin by preventing them from being stretched too large which will reduce oil production on your skin (and T-zone area), and help prevent any future breakouts. :)
Sorry for the overuse of smiley faces, I really love this product and I know that you will too. Just try it out and let me know how it goes for you! :)

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Stay Beautiful! xx


  1. Hello, just wondering how can you find it on ebay? do you have link for that? what kind of asian store can you find this mask


  2. I love it too.. I have used it twice, I and felt so fresh and smooth


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