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Mystery Make Up Bag from The Powder Room Reveal

Hi everyone!

I was browsing through my emails when something from Living Social caught my eye. They had a deal called "The Mystery Makeup Bag" so obviously I clicked on it. CLICK HERE to visit the page of the deal, although it has finished now but you can still purchase it from the official site (which I will explain in a bit)!

So the deal seemed good, $39AUD and $9AUD shipping for $110 worth of cosmetics from a popular Korean brand called 3 Concept Eyes. You can get up to 6 full-sized products in your bag! It was from a store called the Powder Room which is both online and a physical store in Strathfield. CLICK HERE to visit the official website (I'm not affiliated with this store/brand in any way!). So even though the deal is over, you can still buy the bag if you're interested from the actual store.

What I discovered: I saw that shipping would take 3-4 weeks after the deal ends on Living Social (which is ridiculous since Strathfield is within driving/public transport distance from me). So I went straight to the website and bought it from there. Shipping is free on the website, the bag was $49 for $130 worth of products, and they had a promotion which led to another $9.80 AUD off my order total. So I ended up paying only $39.20 AUD for $130 AUD worth of products with free next day shipping (and it arrived the next day)! Compared to paying $48 AUD (including shipping cost) for only $110 AUD worth of products, and waiting 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Do your research before buying from group buying sites, just because it seems like a good deal, it rarely ever is!

Anyways, here's what I got in my bag (all bags are different):

It all came well-packaged, in the original boxes and tied in a pretty silver ribbon! :)

A cream eyeshadow (Full-Sized) in the shade: GOLD PEACH. This was the original reason I wanted to buy the bag, for the chance of getting a cream eyeshadow to add to my collection!

Gold Peach retails for $22 AUDCLICK HERE if you want to see some better pictures of it. It has a shimmering pearl finish and a natural tone. 

Fresh Aqua Mist (Mini-Size - 30mLs) retails for $16.50 AUDCLICK HERE if you want to purchase it. I had to look it up to figure out what this product was before using it. It can be sprayed to moisturise your skin and prepping your face before make up, or after make up to create a dewy finish. It contains plant extracts and "mineral-rich glacial milk" which seem to provide some benefits for your skin. I have a few products like this already so it'll be interesting to see how this one holds up. :)

Opps, almost forgot to mention: all products are sealed with a sticker on the side (as shown in the image above)!

This is a full-sized Super Slim Pen Eye Liner (the style is a thin marker) in the shade Brown. Usually I'd go for black liners but I do have a couple of brown pencil liners and brown gel liners - I've never had a brown liquid liner so this is definitely a new idea to me. It retails for $25 AUDCLICK HERE if you're interested in seeing it in action.

Swatch of the liner, you can layer it up to increase the intensity (this has 3 layers). It is smudge-proof, and once dry - it is waterproof! The point is very thin to create the most precise eye lines! :)

Paint Lipgloss (full-size) in the shade REAL PEACH which retails for $22.80 AUDCLICK HERE for more information about this gloss form the website, I have yet to try this out!

I received two samples of the Shimmer Light Mandarin Phenomenon (Full-size retails for $72 AUDCLICK HERE to visit that). I couldn't find the Advanced Lycopene Infusion on the website but it clearly states that it's anti-aging. Unlike all the other products I received in this bag, these bottles all have written English instructions on the back which is perfect since the site doesn't seem to have any!

Everything all up: Retails for $92.29 AUD+, since the whole thing should make up to $130 AUD, the 4 samples must be estimated to be worth around $9.50 AUD each. 
CLICK HERE, the makeup pouch which was included in this bag is retailed at $5.99 AUD. 

I'm really excited to be trying out more Korean brands like the ones I got in this bag (I find Asian cosmetics to be of a high quality - especially since they dominate the international beauty awards every year)! Overall, I am very pleased with all the products in this bag! Whilst I don't think it would be worth $130 AUD for everything, I would happily pay the $39.20 AUD for all of these products. All the bags are different and it will be interesting to see what everyone else had gotten! :)

Thank you for reading this post! You know what to do if you like it. ;)

Stay Beautiful! xx

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