Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review (with pictures on a real person)

I have always wanted the perfect long lashes which - in most cases - you need to just be born with. Unfortunately, due to my genetics, not only do I have small eyes compared to my face but I also have "spindly, spangly, weak lashes" (those were the exact words from my beautician - ever so eloquent). ;)

As a result of having tiny, spaced out, grow-straight-down, and overall-pathetic lashes; mascara and a eyelash curler are absolutely necessary for my everyday make up routine. So when Benefit released the they're real mascara, I was very excited. ;)

The Bottle - 8.5g of product inside!

The Famous Brush - designed to catch the longest and shortest of lashes!
I could rave on and on about this mascara but you can find all the details about that on the official Benefit website. This mascara retails for $23.00 USD and you can check it out by CLICKING HERE! :)

Here are some claims you can see on the site and on the packaging:
> 94% saw dramatic length & volume*
> 90% saw base-to-tip curl*
> 94% saw visible lift*
> 100% saw long-wearing results*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey

What I'm going to do today is show you how the mascara works on ME (a real girl with no gift of naturally full or long lashes)! These pictures are all of my own eye and what the mascara does for me.

My natural eye - I just came out of the shower, I'm wearing no make up and my lashes were curled earlier on and some of the curl is still there so I didn't bother to re-curl. Also, the mascara claims to have a curling effect on lashes which I wanted to demonstrate as well!
After two coats of They're Real Mascara, can you see the curl?! *freaking out* Pretty amazing. The curling action does not work as well for thicker lashes because they tend to be heavier.
Then finally, I applied the mascara to the bottom lashes. :) The look is complete here.
Compare both eyes, can you tell which one has They're Real on it?
There is a thickening action of this mascara - see above. It's subtle on me but on someone more blessed with thicker lashes, I bet they'll look incredible! ;)

The main issue that is mentioned about this mascara is it's incredible difficulty to remove. Personally, I have not had any issues with removal but I do find that this mascara is definitely going to latch onto your lashes and never let go until you use a good eye make up remover. I'd even go as far as to say they're borderline waterproof (maybe water-resistant is more suited)! So I'll also let you all know how I remove this mascara after a whole day doing "work"CLICK HERE for the super quick tutorial I do!

In conclusion, the They're Real Mascara by Benefit does not work for me like it does for the model in the image and I do not get asked if I'm wearing false lashes since the results are not that dramatic. However, this mascara does intensify my lashes to give them an actual presence on my eye (when I don't wear mascara, my eyes are balder then a 50 year old man going through a mid-life crises). The mascara is quick drying (good for me and my sleeping in habits - although it may not suit everyone), very pigmented black, thickening, and the wand allows me to reach the hard to reach areas on my small eyes (really saying something here - you have no idea...). So far, this mascara is the best that I have tried but I completely intend on trying a few before settling down. ;)

Comment and let me know what mascaras you are loving at the moment (bonus points if they help "spangly" lashes like mine!) ;)

Stay Beautiful! xx

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