Thursday, 27 December 2012

L.A. Colors Auto Lipliner Review and Swatches

Okay this time the lateness of this entry is not due to any fault of my own: my internet literally decided to kill itself during boxing day. There was nothing I or anyone in my family could do to repair it and uploading remotely was impossible - trust me, I tried. :(

Here's yesterdays' post:

Every person (male or female), anything and anyone who is starting off with make up or has been into make up for a while, should know and own the simple, humble miracle which is lip liner! Lip liners (are supposed to) prevent leaking of lip colour by providing a good base, line the lips for different looks, intensify/change any lip colour which is layered over the top of lined lips, prevent feathering of the lips, and compliment a wide variety of make up looks and skin tones!

If you find a good lip liner, it may do most/all of these things and more. There are liners which plump the lips, are highly moisturising, and more! *cue applause for this innovative product*

If you want some good quality and affordable lip liners to start or add to your growing collection, I very highly suggest L.A. Colors Auto Lipliners! These liners are incredibly soft and simply glide onto any surface smoothly. The colour payoff is amazing, the formula is smooth and prevents feathering, the packaging allows for precise application of the liner to a variety of lip shapes and sizes. :)

L.A. Colours Auto Lipliners which I own.
So I bought three of their lip liners in the following colours:
- AL565: Pinky
- AL561: Nude
- AL569: Fiery Red

From Cherry Culture for $2.50 USD each, there is a wide selection on the site and shipping was quite inexpensive to Australia for my large order! :) CLICK HERE to visit the exact page I used to purchase these lip liners.

Twist up function.
These liners have a twist up function so there's no sharpening needed to get a precise line. Remember that when you're using twist up products, not to twist up too much or the product might break off! I would twist to the level shown in the picture above or just a bit higher to prevent breakage. Although this all depends on the amount of pressure you use normally! :)

Swatches of the colours.
Let me start off by saying that these lip pencils are amazing; they glide on perfectly/very easily, are very pigmented and contain shea butter which conditions your lips to prevent feathering of any lip product you put on top. Personally, I love using Pinky to line and completely fill in my lips then putting on any pink gloss - these lip liners can be used by themselves if you want a matte-lip look as well!

I'm not a fan of the Nude colour, it's far to dark and with no pink undertones (like the Too Faced Perfect Nude pencil has - this by the way is my favourite nude lip liner of all time!). Nude lip colours are always tricky since every lip has a natural colour/pigmentation which is suited to the individual. Therefore, while this nude pencil did nothing but wash me out, it may suit other lips better.

I love wearing Pinky by itself, it's a beautiful light mauve pink colour which is just amazing and unique. I've gotten asked what lipstick I was wearing before with this liner on and some compliments so I'm very happy with this colour. It's difficult to describe but try it out! Hopefully you'll love this as much as I do - or maybe this is one of those "just me" things. ;)

Fiery Red is a deep and dark red colour with blue undertones. It's good for putting a bright red over the top to balance the look and creating ombre lip colours.

Anyways, thank you so much for checking out this post on my blog, all feedback is much appreciated and loved! Everything I review and bought with my own money so these are my honest opinions. Since they are my own opinions, they may not agree with someone else's. Make up is diverse, just like the people who use it - let's all have fun whilst sharing our experiences!

Stay Beautiful! xx

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  1. I know this is super old but thanks for this review!! I was hoping Nude would be a good one for me, but yeah... way too dark. The other ones look GREAT though.


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