Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set Review (Sigma Comparison)

Time for yet another brush review! This is a popular one and I'm sure everyone has heard of/tried out/or bought this set already.

I bought this set when I first started doing make up with brushes as I was beginning to explore different types of brushes for achieving flawless and even foundation application. I paid $44.99 USD for this set from the official Sedona Lace website (usually $49.95 USD) but I got it on a special promotion at the time. Despite the special discount, I would have been prepared to pay the full price for this set, it is incredible value for amazing quality brushes. Even after buying more expensive brushes, this set has been my go-to set for flawless foundation coverage! Shipping to Australia was less then $10 USD for order of two brush sets at the time. CLICK HERE to visit the page of the site that I bought this set from.

The Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set.
The Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set comes with four brushes: three foundation/face brushes and one travel-sized kabuki brush. All of these brushes come with a plastic case/covering as shown in the above image!

None of these brushes have bled or shed since I got them! I wash after every use and they have lasted very well! I am very impressed with the quality of this set.

Midnight Lace Kabuki Brush.
I adore using this kabuki brush for blending out contour, application of setting/translucent powder and it's case will prevent damage to the brush when traveling! The bristles are incredibly dense so you can apply mineral or cream foundation with this brush easily and buff without streaking or caking into your skin. However, as a result of the thickness and length of the bristles, it does take a while to clean (but definitely worth it!).

Sedona 928 - Flat Top Powder & Sigma F80 - Flat Kabuki Brush.
Flat tops are good for liquid foundation: you blend on the foundation and use patting/stippling motions on areas which require higher coverage, then you buff out the edges. Viola! Perfect foundation application in a very short period of time! These types of brushes will extend the life of your foundation since it will spread a small amount over a great surface area compared to applying foundation with your fingers! I also use these brushes for application of powder onto my oily T-zone area as it really packs on powder without cake face. :)

Sedona 480 - Round Top Powder & Sigma Round Kabuki Brush.
I love these brushes for buffing in liquid foundation! They are amazing and have the best finish for my oily skin type (I can sweat and the make up will stay on)! Both of these brushes are the same in density, shape, and size! I always reach for these if I want a full coverage foundation look but know that I'll be likely to sweat it off (unfortuantely). For example: clubbing in freaking Australian summer heat when even breathing is a work out.

Sedona 602 Angle Top Powder & Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush.
Sorry the Sigma brush is dirty because I just got home from work when I took this photo (making the most of the natural light in my room) and I have yet to clean it! I use these brushes to apply bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks. The Sedona brush has a higher degree of an angle which is perfect for bronzing, the Sigma has only the slightest slant as you can see from the image. I recommend using the Sigma one for foundation application or when you use two shades of liquid foundation for a more natural contour (if that makes sense!). :)

Storage idea! ;)
I just thought I'd also share how I store my kabuki brush after it is dry. This makes sure the kabuki brush keeps it's shape even when stored!

So in conclusion, the Sedona Midnight Lace collection is definitely worth a second glance. Everything from the colour selection (to prevent staining), the brush design (large and thick handles), the strength (no shedding, no bleeding of colours, soft and durable), and the price (very affordable) is definitely a pro to buying this set. :)

UNLIKE ALL OTHER BRUSH SETS I OWN, this set has absolutely no downfall to meAnd I don't say that lightly - trust me, I've worked these brushes hard to find a flaw. :)

I am not endorsed by Sedona/Sigma/anyone, these opinions are all my own and all brushes are used for my own personal purposes. You may not like these brushes like I do but they work well for my skin and face shape. Please comment if you have any other brushes you think are better then this set! I would love to keep an open mind. ;)

Stay Beautiful! xx


  1. Thank you so much.

    I don't want to support Sigma because I don't agree with some of the ways they handle their business, so i'm very interested in this Sedona Lace set.

    The Sedona Lace ones are so cute and pink and I was worried the color would bleed but i'm glad you mentioned it doesn't.

    $50/4= around $12 USD per brush, it really does sound like a good deal. I don't know why people don't about these brushes more.

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