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EcoTools Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set Review

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not posting yesterday. Christmas eve got a little out of control with my family and such so I actually forgot until around 11pm that night! Anyways, I'll be sure to let all of you guys know beforehand next time I do something like this! Just a heads up, I will be going out a few times this week but everything should go as per usual! Sorry again and here's the review which I was planning on giving you yesterday! :)

Urgh, so many calories! :)

EcoTools is a well-known, inexpensive, drugstore brand. Its main selling point is the length it goes to when promoting environmental awareness and support. Today I will be reviewing the EcoTools Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set (limited edition 4 piece set): a completely environmentally friendly, synthetic brush set.
 The set features four full-sized kabuki brushes.
To be honest, I believe that this set must be one of their best-selling of all time. I've seen these four kabuki brushes on basically every dresser/bathroom/make up table in history nowadays. So if you don't own this set, someone you know probably does!

The brushes are all very small and will easily fit into any type of travel bag invented. Don't be surprised when they arrive because despite being sold as "full-sized", I own travel-sized kabuki brushes which are larger then these!

I bought these off iHerb for $13.95 USD and I paid $12 USD shipping (I choose a quicker shipping option for my first order since it was very large), CLICK HERE to go to the site. You can use the code: VAF312 for $10 off your first order over $60 or $5 off your first order under $60! That's pretty much free shipping since the cheapest shipping option is $4.

DISCLAIMER: All products have been bought and paid for with my own money and I am not endorsing/paid for by iHerb at all, I have the code which will discount your first offer which is provided to everyone after their first order. I wish I knew a code when I first ordered but I didn't use one so I paid the extra $10. Feel free to use any code at all that you wish, I'm not going to force you to use mine! :) Okay, back to the review! :)

Bronzed Angle Kabuki Brush.
The bristles on this brush are too soft and flexible to be used to apply bronzer. I use this brush for either applying setting powder or blush colour. I prefer my contouring/bronzer to look defined rather then "snooki" (everywhere on the face - if I wanted that I'd get a fake tan) if that makes sense. ;)
Conceal Round Kabuki Brush.
This brush is incredibly soft and dense which makes it ideal for use with liquid and cream products since it will not absorb too much product into the bristles; and the softness means that it doesn't disturb your skin during application too much! It is a nice brush to have for concealer or liquid highlighter application when contouring your face.

Contour Domed Kabuki Brush.
This is the brush which I would use to apply and blend out bronzer if I used this kit. Although it isn't my favourite bronzer brush, it does a good job of precisely applying the bronzer or powder highlighter to the areas of my face which I want to focus on. A very decent brush - especially considering the price.

Buff Flat Top Kabuki Brush.
This is a semi-dense flat top brush but it's too flexible and soft for liquid and cream product application. I find that if I use this brush for liquid and cream foundations it absorbs most of the product and leaves a streaky application. Best for application and dispersion of powder make up since it prevents any cake face with it's large amount of bristles. In other words: the bristles are dense, but not dense enough for use of foundation application (unless it's mineral powder foundation)! :)

In conclusion, this brush set is definitely worth the money. Although none of these synthetic brushes are revolutionary or have made it into my favourites collection of brushes, it is still a brilliant brush set to work with when you are beginning to explore with different kinds of make up brushes and learning different techniques. If you can use these brushes well - you can use any brushes. ;)
Kabuki-Sized Brush Guards!
I also thought I'd also share how I maintain the Kabuki brush shapes and store these Kabuki Brushes (since they do not come with their own carrying case)! These will prevent any damage or splaying of the bristles and maintain the density of the brush. :)

I wash my brushes after every single use: no shedding or bleeding of colour was observed! The shape is maintained through brush guards so I don't know how they'll do without them (since they are very easily splayed during make up application). :)

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this review on my blog, much love goes out to all my readers. xx

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