Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Revlon Lip Butters Review

The colour of a lipstick with the soothing, moisture of a lip balm - what a dream product! That's exactly what these Revlon Lip Butters claim to do. I've heard a lot of hype surrounding these lip butters but from the ones which I've seen from stores previously, there weren't very many which appealed to me. I eventually bought these when they started being sold in sets, I just couldn't justify spending the full RRP for products which I was not very interested in purchasing (despite all the hype).

So.. I got four.

Of course, I eventually caved when the sets came, and bought these which came in a pack from Myers some time in November 2012. *guilty face* Don't lie, I know you have some too...

080 - Strawberry Shortcake.
Strawberry Shortcake is a very light baby pink colour which I personally think would suit light skin tones amazingly!

This one took a while to grow on me, I try to avoid lip colours which are lighter then my skin tone because they make me feel and look washed out and sickly. I've found a way to wear this colour by using a darker pink lip pencil and filling in my lips (or applying a deep lip stain) and then applying this lip butter on top!

It's more moisturising than a lip stick, the colour pay off is actually quite decent (but not the same as a lipstick, like they claim - unless the lipstick is very sheer).

Bottom Swatch : Lollipop.
I wore this lip colour all day at Stereosonic this year and was very pleased about how easy it was to use. It's very pigmented and moistursing. The colour is a bold magenta pink with a glossy finish! The only issue I had was how quickly this product wore off my lips (within an hour or two - not eating!). Next festival, I'll definitely be using a more staining colour but it's still a lovely, vibrant colour for a day/night out! :)

Top Left Swatch : Peach Parfait.
I love anything that's peach but I do not like this lip butter at all. It has huge chunks of glitter in it. The glitters are so big that it feels as if you're applying a thin layer of lip expoliant! The glitter specks will end up around your mouth/on your face in a few hours - definitely not a good look. It looks like you're wearing really cheap, little-girl lipstick, very unpleasant feeling on the lips.

Definitely not the consistency of a lip balm and minus points for trying to imitate the satin texture of a lipstick with freaking glitter. I was most excited to try this one, the colour is definitely nice, but come on, are you even trying? If you had a different experience with this particular butter or any of the other lip butters, please let me know! Maybe I just got a really bad one!

Bottom Left Swatch : Sugar Plum.
This is a smooth muted deep plum colour with blue undertones. It's a nice winter colour but I can see it being used for spring/autumn as well! :)

The only issue if is the colour payoff, you have to layer one a few times to get the deep plum colours of a lipstick but it is very moisturising!

In conclusion, these lip butters are worth trying out but if you don't - there's really no big loss. Whatever you do - do not pay full price for these lip butters, you can buy them in sets from Myers (I think it was 3 for $29.95 AUD or something). Quite honestly, they're not worth the $25-29 AUD some retailers charge. There is not a substantial amount of product (a lot less then what you find in a full-sized lipstick or lipbalm) and whilst there are some real lovely jewels in this collection, it just didn't impress me that greatly to match the large amount of hype it received. This product is the result of some very good advertising. ;)

These opinions are my own, I'm sure that there must be some readers who absolutely love these lip butters but to me, it's better value to buy a moisturising lipstick. Better colour payoff, longer lasting, and a lot more product for roughly the same price!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, feedback is much loved and appreciated! Thank you all, you inspire me! :)

Stay Beautiful! xx

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