Wednesday, 28 November 2012

TheBalm Meet Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review

There are certain brands out there that I consider to be my holy grail of make up. Literally almost everything from these brands seem to suit me perfectly. They're affordable (or at least worth the money/time/effort), work well, last long, and are incredibly pigmented whilst being versatile. TheBalm is one of these brands.

I am a massive TheBalm fan, everything that I have from the brand has been an massive success. That being said, there are still plenty of things from TheBalm which I haven't tried yet.

UPDATE: I have just discovered that TheBalm official website now ships internationally! International shipping is a flat rate of $40AUD which is pricey considering the large wishlist I have! My suggestion is to wait for the next Cyber Monday sale since they're often at 40% off RRP. I've already gotten everything I really wanted from the brand, I'm now just shopping for the sake of it. ;)

Anyways, onto my review, presenting the good-looking Matte ($38.40 AUD):

A small purse-friendly palette.


The eyeshadows have the most quirkiest names! Matt Ramirez is a good neutral toned brow powder.

The Back.

The applicator that comes with it, I never use these since I prefer full-sized brushes.

The shadows are - obviously - all matte textures, highly pigmented, easily blendable and very versatile with a variety of different looks. It's perfect for if you want a matte contouring of the eyes or a matte base for highlighting of the brow bone. I haven't found one bad thing about this palette, I'm sold! It's reassuring to have a palette that's full of matte shades considering there are mainly shimmers in most palettes now.

I bought most of my TheBalm products from Bath&UnwindCLICK HERE to visit the Meet Matte palette which I bought in a new window. The website has free (and extremely quick) shipping to Australia for orders over $108 AUD.

My first ever order from Bath&Unwind of products from TheBalm <3

Stay Beautiful! xx

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