Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Teeth Whitening Review - Crest 3D White Strips Review

My parents have taught me to invest in my teeth from a very young age. I always had to visit the dentist at least once a year while growing up, had regular cleans and check ups, brushed my teeth at least twice a day, rinsed my mouth after eating, etc. When you really think about it, teeth are so incredibly important. They are key in expressing ourselves and some people who perhaps realised this too late suffer from being self-conscious of their less-than-perfect teeth.

No one's teeth are 100% perfect. Different teeth shapes form for different jaw lines, skull protrusion and lifestyle habits. Mine for instance, I've had braces while I was in high school, had wisdom teeth pulled out and some molar teeth removed to make room for the braces. Clearly teeth are a big investment in my life, so whitening them would be a no-brainer!

I use Crest 3D WhiteStrips which I buy from an authorised reseller of the product - Whiter Smile. If you're going to put hard chemicals straight onto your teeth at home, make sure it's the real thing! I know they make imitation Crest WhiteStrips which I have previously bought off eBay (and threw out!). It's pretty sad that people are now trying to profit at the cost of your oral health! :(

I bought 2 boxes of Crest 3D WhiteStrips for $100 AUDThere are 56 strips in each box (TOTAL OF 112 STRIPS)!

Suggestion: Start off with the Sensitive Pack, see what your pain threshold is like.
Sensitive Strips!

56 Strips per box (28 pairs)!

CLICK HERE to go to the direct link where I bought these strips from! Last order I made, I got a free full-sized tapered dental toothbrush and whitening toothpaste with my order. Shipping was very affordable to Australia (UNDER $15 AUD).

These strips contain a chemical known as Hydrogen Peroxide which is the same chemical used by Dentists during professional teeth whitenings. You will find that all whitening strips (especially in Australia where our FDA laws are very stringent), use a chemical known as carbamide peroxide. This chemical helps to prevent stains and whitens very slowly over a long period of time. It is painless and is very unlike to cause any bad reactions. The only problem isit will have no effect on deep stains (e.g. cigarette smokers, daily wine drinkers, etc.) For that effect, you'll need the Hydrogen Peroxide which will penetrate deep into the enamel and lifts the stains with an oxidising action.


I've been using these strips for a few days every month (I don't drink alcohol, smoke, drink coffee or tea, etc.) so my teeth have never been deeply stained. But even with these strips, my teeth went from normal cream enamel colour to white. How whiteWhite enough that I can wear warm-toned red lipstick without looking like I have yellow teeth!

I used one pair of strips a day for about a week before I started getting some (very light and tolerable) aching and I decided to stop. I use a strip every few weeks when I feel like I need a touch up. I'm pretty sure my dentist thinks I'm cheating on him since I saw him a few months ago and he commented that my teeth had been "professionally whitened" by someone else! Hahaha :)

If you're not comfortable whitening your own teeth, I suggest going to a dentist. I've done this before with the same results and you get to lie back and watch movies while it works! ;)

Stay Smiling Beautiful! xx


  1. Gah. I used to buy these all the time in the us and makes me mad! you can't just buy them here. They work great and are harmless. Ps I smoke and drink lol and they still work great for me!

  2. Great post! I have been using these for a while, and I can definitely see results. Keep up the good work on this blog!

  3. I tried Crest as well about a year and a half ago and was disappointed! I had really bad pain in my teeth :( I switched to peroxide free strips from Stella white instead. They are better ;)

  4. Nice review about Crest 3D White Strips Review. I never tried this product but I'm convinced to try it once. I feel it's a bit expensive than an ordinary one or I will just continue using teeth whitening from Esteem dental care the result is actually fine and still have my confidence to smile.


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