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Miracle Treatment - Coconut Oil Treatment Review

My skin type is oily-combination meaning that 85% of the time my skin is oily as hell and the other 15% it's dryer than my jokes. The dryness usually comes in small, intense patches around my nose and mouth area and previously these patches have taken at least 2 weeks to heal even with frequent use of moisturisers (mainly QV), sunscreen, and exfoliation!

A bit of my regular skin-care routine before we continue: I cleanse my skin with QV cleanser at least two times a day (and that's on days I don't wear make up) mainly because I'm a massive germaphobe. So cleansing is a must for me to feel clean.

Back to the issue, I also have insanely dry lips even in the humid summers and it gets worse during the cooler months. I have a habit of picking at my lips when I'm really concentrating on something (e.g. I usually come out of exams with my lips bleeding - depending on how difficult the exam was). I'm not sure why or when I developed this habit and it's annoys me to no end!

My hair is 3/4 of the way down my back, I've been growing it out for a long time by getting regular trims off the end at my hairdresser. Adding to this, I've had my hair coloured at a variety of salons countless times. I always feel like changing my hair colour - although right now I'm quite satisfied with my current colour. I also use a hair curler or straightener every time I go out!! Needless to say, my hair has been through a lot of bad stuff but it's managed to keep most of it's health so far. I (and everyone in my family) was born with naturally thick, straight, shiny and silky black Asian hair. But - as with everything in life - I wanted what I didn't have: different hair! *confused at self-logic*


By using this treatment I got rid of those patchy dry areas which sometimes pop up on my face in less than 4 days, with dramatic improvement after day one! This treatment has a very similar result to keratin treatments which I've had previously at hair salons! The only differences I found is a keratin treatment results are a bit better, much more expensive, and need less re-touch-ups (about once every 6 months depending on how you treat your hair and your hair type) whilst I need to use this treatment once every month for a similar result!

Since the treatment deeply moisturises my lips, I no longer feel like picking at them (since there's no dry skin to pick at anymore!) which is definitely a bonus in my case. :)

What you need:
- Unrefined Coconut Oil (about three spoonfuls - varies according to length and thickness of hair but don't worry, there's no such thing as too much! Just use common sense)
- A microwave safe bowl
- A spoon
- A paper towel
- A hair elastic
- A shower cap/plastic bag

This jar was around $25 AUD but will last a very long time (about a year for my long, thick hair)
So have a jar/container of unrefined coconut oil (aka. organic), this is better since you don't want to be putting more harmful chemicals on your skin and hair then you probably already are. Refined coconut oil is best used for cooking but that's not the intention of this oil! ;)

I bought this jar for around $25 AUD from my local health store Healthy Life (I bought this in item in an actual store - woah - but they have a website, just CLICK HERE), but you should be able to find this in any health store/health section. :)

The unrefined coconut oil is a solid at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) but since I live in Australia where the "room temperature" is about 1000 degrees, I store my jar in the fridge or it will quickly turn into a liquid. This is optional since it doesn't matter what form it's in but I personally find it easier to handle a solid treatment then an oil when making up the treatment!

I probably shouldn't have used a white bowel to show the amount...
Take two or more spoonfuls (more if needed: I use about 4 spoonfuls for my face and hair) and scoop it into a microwave safe bowel (one which does not absorb oil).

Begin to microwave and every ten seconds take the bowel out and mix! Do not microwave with the spoon please. The mixture will slowly begin to melt, don't microwave with long intervals as you may risk burning the oil and creating a lot of bad smells which your family/roommates probably wont appreciate.

Keep going for about 40 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your microwave heat settings until it becomes this clear mixture! It should be warm oil without being hot/boiling!

Before using this oil, put the bowel onto a paper towel or any towel to catch any drips which may escape your fingers when you apply the treatment!

I start off with my face first, for hygiene purposes, and apply to a freshly cleansed dry face with my clean fingers. I rub in gentle circular motions and focus on the areas which need the moisture the most! Unrefined coconut oil does not clog pores and is a good natural remedy which has been used for centuries for soft, supple skin. It evens out skin tone, it decreases dryness, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it also promotes healthy hair growth! So I also apply this oil onto my eyelids, eyebrows, and eyelashes to replenish the hairs there! I also apply it to my lips and on my neck or any other dry places of my body.

As you can see, my fingers are shiny from the oil I just applied to my skin.
I'm very methodical with how I apply any hair treatment. I follow a method which my favourite hairdresser showed me when I got my keratin treatment done. It's exactly the same method I use to curl my hair.


METHOD: Start by separating your hair into three layers (split above your ears and below your ears) and grab one inch strands from each layer and work the treatment into that section by quickly running your fingers and pressing gently.

This is especially useful for people with really thick hair like myself as it's easy to miss sections.

The end result should look something like this! :D
I massage some of the oil onto my scalp and hair roots as well as it actually helps to prevent hair fall out and increase hair growth rate! I then tie my hair up (optional but I need to because it's too long and heavy to stay in a shower cap by itself), and put on a shower cap to keep the heat from the oil in which allows it to be more quickly absorbed into my hair.

I leave this treatment in for 30 minutes to an hour and wash it off with a good shampoo and conditioner in the shower after. You can leave it for less or more depending on your needs. I do this treatment every time I get dry skin or at least once every month!


See for yourself.
The photo does not do it justice. It's heaps glossier and soft like a cats fur! :3

It's a hell of a lot cheaper than keratin treatments too.

Stay Beautiful! xx

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