Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Press Start

In this past year or so, I have developed a passion (obsession) for all things cosmetic, hair, make up tools, and beauty related. To the point where just thinking about the latest craze or must-have products make me smile. Which I suppose can be considered worrying if it weren't for the hundreds of thousands of other females/males/MUA that share the exact same thoughts and feelings as myself!

Some good friends of mine - those few that understand and obsess over beauty products like myself - have suggested that I start blogging about the products which I use. If not for them, for myself, since this is a subject which I am extremely passionate about! If I help out a few people then that's brilliant but that's not the main goal of this blog, mainly stress relief and just my own escape.

All opinions are MY OWN, all products have been purchased with MY OWN MONEY (unless mentioned otherwise) , I am not being sponsored by any websites (unless mentioned otherwise), and all websites mentioned in this blog are LEGITIMATE AUTHORISED RESELLERS OF THE BRAND which I am reviewing!

Anyways, please enjoy my own little blog and live beautifully! :)

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