Wednesday, 28 November 2012

DuWop Rotating Map Palette Review

I would like to think there are people other than myself who are obsessed with eyeshadow palettes. Despite having plenty to last me quite a few years even if used daily, if anyone dangles a palette in front of me (especially if it's pretty), I will probably buy it. :(

Que: The DuWop Rotating Map Palette ($48.08 AUD).

Previous to this palette, I had only heard of the DuWop brand from their semi-famous lip venom vials which are supposedly meant to have extreme lip plumpling results. I have yet to try these as I have tried waaayy too many lip plumps already with minimal results (possibly placebo results..)

Anyhow, the DuWop palette really appealed to me for many reasons. I didn't own anything from the brand and wanted to try it out, it is an official collaboration with the Pirates of the Carribean movie, and it was a rotating palette (how quirky is that?).

However after using the shadows I've found many pros and far too many cons for the price that they were selling it at. I'll explain a bit further down.


The photo does not do this packaging justice, it is the most amazing holographic cover I have ever seen. Also the palette is hugeI'm not kidding, it's wider than and A4 page and about 3/4 the height, definitely not pocket sized. This palette was meant to be displayed! It is that pretty.

Inside : separated with a clear sheet, the lip glosses are covered with resealable plastic to prevent drying, however the liners are left exposed (go figure).
Upon opening, you find the following map. It's the same map which is used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie which I love. The shadows are very appropriately named, e.g. 'the black pearl', which really follows the theme! The palette does rotate but it will actually require some serious pushing, there's no chance it will accidentally go spinning around which is brilliant since I don't like my eyeshadows flying away from my brush when I go to dip it in.

The back cover is so pretty, there are spindly patterns branching out in shiny gold ink with a glossy finish. 

Loved the movie <3

Okay so packaging wise, this gets a A+. This palette is always sitting on my vanity table for display purposes due to it's prettiness. It's amazingly perfect to look at and would make the most beautiful gift for someone! If that person isn't used to amazing eyeshadows...

Some of the eyeshadows close up!
In the pan the eyeshadows look like the most amazing colours. All colours are satin or shimmer texture (no mattes) and very unique colours I rarely see around which is amazing. However..

Swatches of most of the colours, I had to dip my fingers in a few times. :(

When swatched the shadows are incredibly - not exaggerating - sheer. Even with a primer and a base colour, you may have to work to make some shadows show up. On the other hand, a few shadows of the palette are more pigmented but not incredibly amazing like TheBalm Nude'tude palette or the famous UD Naked Palettes. The gel liners in the palettes dry quickly, smudge on application, and are also not very pigmented.

The pros are the shadows do not crease (even if you don't use a primer), and they make good over-shadows for a sheer wash of colour. They are unique colours but require a bit of time and patience during application. Surprisingly, the lip glosses are amazing. If you knew me, you'd know that I intentionally try to avoid palettes which include lip glosses since they are prone to drying and are usually pretty bad quality to start off with. However, the lip glosses in this palette look amazing, have good staying power and don't look like something you can get from a 12 year old Barbie play set - if that makes sense.

Swatches of the three included lip glosses!
Okay so that's my personal opinion of this palette. What it lacks in product pigmentation, it makes up in packaging. The eyeshadows being sheer are my only issue along with the gel liners. The lip glosses were a surprising success. Altogether I was expecting something more impressive for the price but it is a decent product.

If you want to try it out, I bought mine (with my own money) from BeautyBay. You can click the link HERE which will open in a new window.

Stay Beautiful! xx

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