Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Benefit High Beam Review

I have so many highlighters and illuminators, it's becoming ridiculous. I think there's something inside every girl/guy/person which is attracted to all things shiny. Please tell me you're the same - I need people to be as dysfunctional as myself when it comes to this.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure one of the very first times I have ever tried a highlighter was with the Benefit High Beam ($26 USD). 

Ta-Da! ;)
I remember one of my best friends had it and I was trying some out in her dark bedroom (sounds pretty creepy right?), I - obviously with the lack of light - didn't see any difference and proceeded to go out the entire day with highlighter only on one cheekbone! Talk about the ultimate lop-sided face!

Anyways, remember how I mentioned TheBalm is one of my holy grail cosmetic brands? Well Benefit is another, I love the scents, style, and advertising. A+ Benefit, you passed the test!

I buy all my benefit cosmetics from the official Benefit cosmetics website! There are imitation Benefit cosmetics (*sigh* whyyyyyy?), it's a lot cheaper than buying from Myers or David Jones (although you should visit to try out the colours, textures, etc. before buying a product), and the site has free samples, heaps of promotions and free shipping for orders over $125 USD. What more could you want?

CLICK HERE to visit the official Benefit website!

The Applicator.
The High Beam is a pink undertoned, hydrating, liquid highlighter which uses a nail polish applicator. The bottle is just larger than the size of the average full-sized nail polish bottle. This highlighter will not budge so blend it in quickly before it dries! It will last all night, through any weather - an I live in Australian weather and go out a lot so that's really saying something!

Notice: The faint pink undertone.
The result after a bit of rough blending, I waited too long and it has mostly dried. I literally rubbed it with a dry towel and it didn't budge a bit. As I'm typing, I keep glancing at my shiny hand... Ohh ~

Personally, I wouldn't use this highlighter (at least not very much of it) for everyday casual wear. However, in photos and on nights out, it looks incredible. Like your skin is glowing from withing. I have light yellow-undertoned skin and even I have received compliments whilst wearing this highlighter.

Stay Beautiful! xx

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